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Wild side canyon is yet another not a first descent, first descent canyon in the Black Range Canyon just south of Lake Mead. There have been numerous canyons that have been found within the range and a lot wonderful canyons to explore within the area.

This canyon, you have to enter from Gold Strike canyon and hike up through a drainage and a break in the mountain to the top. From there you want to head right, towards the cliff where you will find a sloping break that will take you down into the canyon. It is steep but it is doable. Once you are in the canyon you will find some raps up to 150 ft in length and some narrow corridors that will take you through some nice views of the river below and into some warm springs.

The main attraction of this canyon is that you get to rappel to a hallway of beautiful hot spring water flowing out of the walls and an alcove where it is raining hot spring water! This was the most interesting part of the canyon. This section is also access by the river so you don't have to rappel through the canyon to see the best part of the canyon. We pack rafted upstream to the exit where secret canyon is and headed out from there.


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