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Updated: May 14, 2023

We have been finding some new canyons just south of Las Vegas and they are fantastic!

I am surprised that nobody else has questioned if there were more canyons in the Black Canyon range of Lake Mead NRA. I find that surprising that the two "new" canyons that we found are very scenic, have narrow corridors, rappels into the colorado river, and have a lot of fun rappelling. I think they are among the best for the region.

There is a group that is trying to keep these canyons quiet, and I do not see a valid reason to keep these canyons quiet from people. These canyons are on public lands and there is no hazardous conditions or sensitive artifacts that are within the canyon or its proximity. People will continue to be curious about their lands and continue to explore them. I have seen this time and time again with caves. What will really happen is that people will re-discover your canyon or cave, enjoy the canyon, and will want to tell their friends about it so they can also enjoy the canyon. They will not see any information on the canyon and make the information known for other people to enjoy.

This canyon was a short canyon that went directly into the colorado river south of AZ hot springs. The rappels were all less than 100 ft. in length. You can see the river from the top of the canyon with over 80 percent of the canyon left to go through. It's not a big descent but you go through narrow corridors and get a chance to see some excellent views of the colorado river. There are all natural anchors throughout this canyon. Thank goodness nobody has bolted this canyon. We enjoyed going through this canyon and witnessing all of its beauty.

This is a true hidden jem. There is a nice place to set up your rafts to packraft out of the canyon. You want to exit AZ hot springs if you have favorable weather conditions as its only .4 miles from this canyon. an alternative is to set up an exit going out Big Horn canyon and have a car shuttle in place. Please keep this canyon in pristine condition and change out the webbing if needed.

This is a great 3/4 day for most people. This canyon is also called Holy Water Canyon from the people that have descended the canyon first. The information on this canyon is not public per their request so they can ensure the canyon is not bolted. Lets keep this canyon as pristine as possible.


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